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Visit Riverside Family Dental for Experienced Mount Clemens Cosmetic Dentistry

While once considered to be luxury procedures, advances in modern dentistry has made cosmetic dental services accessible, affordable procedures that help to improve the long-term health of patients’ smiles. At Riverside Family Dental, our Mount Clemens dentist Dr. Ram helps patients determine the best cosmetic dental treatment for improving the look, function, and health of the smile. 

Cosmetic Dental Procedures at Riverside Family Dental

At our Mount Clemens dental office, our team is proud to provide a range of dental services in a state-of-the-art facility. Dental cosmetic treatment plans may include any of the following services:

The Health Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Often, the long-term health benefits of cosmetic dental procedures are overlooked in favor of the aesthetic results of those treatments. However, these health benefits often encourage improved oral health in the long-run, leading to healthier smiles and more efficient dental function. For example, straightening your teeth with Invisalign® not only helps create an improved looking smile, but it also eliminates gaps or overlapping teeth from the smile. These orthodontic misalignments can make it difficult for patients to effectively clean their teeth at home, increasing the risk of developing tooth decay or periodontal disease. 

In other cases, cosmetic dental procedures are used as part of a larger restorative effort to improve the function of the dentition without compromising the overall health of the smile. In particular, dental implants are independent restorations that do not rely on the surrounding teeth for support. As this tooth replacement solution is embedded into the jaw bone, patients also receive a permanent restoration that is securely fixed into the mouth. With dental implants and other implant supported dentures, patients don’t need to worry about their restoration slipping out of their mouth at inopportune times. 

When it comes to undergoing any type of dental care, the general rule of thumb is to select conservative treatments that enhance rather than detract from a patient’s overall health. With this mantra in mind, certain dental procedures are tailored to reinforce particular components of the smile. For example, crowns,  inlays, and onlays are often used to protect vulnerable natural teeth from further damage. With these treatments, patients are able to keep their natural teeth healthy and resilient against routine wear and tear. 

Cosmetic Services in Mount Clemens

If you are considering transforming your smile, consider cosmetic dental treatment at Riverside Family Dental. Our dedicated team of dental professionals is committed to helping you find the right treatment to enhance the natural look of your smile while improving the overall health of each unique component. For more information, contact our Mount Clemens dental team today or make an appointment request online.