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Jun, 30, 2024
It is quite normal to feel some level of discomfort after having dental implants, especially once the numbing effects of anesthesia start wearing off. While discomfort 24-48 hours after surgery is not a big deal, constant pulsating pain after dental implant fixation is not a good sign. Why Do I Have Throbbing Pain After Getting […]
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Jun, 15, 2024
Tooth loss is tough on all and can definitely blow confidence but for teenagers, it can feel especially daunting. While dental implants are the best form of tooth replacement, for a 16 year old, getting dental implants is not the right choice.  Do Dentists Allow Teeth Implants For 16 Year Olds? We believe that there […]
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May, 30, 2024
Are you excited to hit the road with your new prosthetics? Well, traveling with dentures can be a bit of a handful; however, with some extra care and planning, you can ensure the ride is smooth and comfortable. Let’s discuss the top 10 tips that can make your journey with dentures easy.   10 Tricks That […]
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May, 15, 2024
Many people choose composite veneers to achieve a bright white smile; however, maintaining their whiteness as time passes is difficult. This is because, unlike natural teeth, composite veneers do not respond positively to regular whitening treatments. Let’s find out why.  What Are Composite Veneers? Composite veneers are thin shells made of ceramic and acrylic resin. […]
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Apr, 30, 2024
Spotting a pimple on your gums can be alarming. These protrusion may be filled with fluid such as pus due to decayed or infected teeth. Usually, dentists may cut and drain the abscess, but may also just perform tooth extraction without it. What happens to the abscess after tooth extraction?  Abscess After Tooth Extraction  The […]
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Apr, 15, 2024
You may be staring down that empty socket in your mouth after tooth extraction and wondering, "How long does it take the hole to close after tooth extraction?" The answer depends on various factors like complexity of surgery or tooth location, etc.  When Does The Hole Close? The process of the hole recovering or closing […]
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Mar, 30, 2024
Thinking about getting a cosmetic dental procedure to make your smile more pleasing? If you are hovering between teeth bonding and veneers, learning about the differences can help a great deal. Let's discuss this further.  What Is Teeth Bonding? Teeth bonding is a minimally invasive technique that looks and functions like real teeth due to […]
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Mar, 15, 2024
Are you looking for a Hollywood-style smile and have stumbled across veneers? Truly, they are a great solution to hide many imperfections on the frontal surface of your teeth. These thin, customized shells of porcelain or composite resin are fixed on the visible part of your teeth to improve their appearance. They are useful in […]
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Feb, 28, 2024
Developing a bump on gum every now and then is common and usually harmless if it goes down after some time without medical intervention. However, a swollen gum pocket around one tooth that does not seem to be getting better is a sign of concern. Let’s discuss some common causes and ways to treat this […]
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Feb, 15, 2024
A partial denture functions well to replace missing teeth and returns apt functionality of chewing and biting. Not just that, they also focus on the aesthetic part of the entire fiasco. This plastic and metal base with false teeth matches the roof of your mouth and prevents your facial skin from drooping, giving it a […]
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Jan, 30, 2024
We understand as someone who has the habit of taking occasional puffs, the thought of, "Can I smoke after brushing my teeth?" might have crossed your mind at least once. Truth be told, it might not be the most important thing for you; however, it is a curiosity that crosses the minds of many smokers. […]
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Jan, 15, 2024
Root canals are the perfect choice when one wants to salvage a tooth that is infected. If this is your first time, learning about how long the root canal procedure takes will give you a sense of security and authority. Stay with us till the end to know the answers to all your questions. How […]
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