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Is It Possible to Get Veneers with Gum Disease?

Posted: Mar, 15, 2024

Are you looking for a Hollywood-style smile and have stumbled across veneers? Truly, they are a great solution to hide many imperfections on the frontal surface of your teeth. These thin, customized shells of porcelain or composite resin are fixed on the visible part of your teeth to improve their appearance. They are useful in correcting teeth' color, shape, and alignment, but what about gum troubles? Can you get veneers with gum disease? Let’s find out.  

Veneers with Gum Disease 

Unfortunately, you cannot get veneers with gum disease. These thin shells of porcelain or ceramics need a healthy gum foundation for appropriate bonding. Gum diseases like periodontitis lead to complications like poor bonding, infection, and premature veneer failure. 

Therefore, before you get on the journey to make your teeth look aesthetically pleasing, work on their strength and overall health. Although, on a technical basis, getting porcelain veneers with gum disease is possible, it is highly recommended that you do not do so. Professionals always address gum disease first for oral health and successful veneer placement.

Can You Get Veneers with Gum Disease?

As mentioned earlier, generally, it is not recommended to get veneers before treating gum disease; however, in some cases, the following scenarios may arise:

  1. Mild Gingivitis: If the gum disease has just started and is in its early stage with no significant damage to the teeth, veneers might be considered. However, before getting on with this, treatment for gum disease will likely be recommended.
  2. Controlled Periodontal Disease: When the gum disease has been successfully treated and controlled, veneers might be an option. 
  3. Advanced Periodontitis: In cases when the gum disease has reached a threatening stage, where a significant level of bone loss is seen along with tooth mobility, veneers are not the best choice. Primarily, gum disease treatment must take place, followed by cosmetic procedures.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Veneers with Gum Disease


  1. Aesthetically Pleasing Smile: They improve how your teeth look when you smile, which has been adversely affected by gum disease. Veneers effectively work on enamel discoloration and gaps between teeth and restore their proper shape for an enhanced smile.
  2. Confidence Boost: If your self-esteem takes a dip due to the consequences of gum disease like gum recession and tooth discoloration, veneers can help it take a plunge. 
  3. Minimized Sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity is a given due to gum recession, and veneers can reverse that by covering the gaps. 


  1. Increased Risk of Complications: Putting veneers on teeth that are affected by gum disease increases the risk of developing complications. The adhesive used to paste veneers on the tooth enamel might not hold effectively on compromised surfaces, leading to failure of the treatment.
  2. Infection and Irritation: Gum disease increases the risk of bacterial infestation during the veneer procedure.
  3. Long-Term Treatment Success: For veneers to survive and thrive, they need a healthy foundation of gums. If the disease is not managed properly, it negatively impacts the life of veneers.
  4. Financial Investment: Dental veneers are an investment in yourself. When you go for it on teeth with gum disease, the results are not like they should be, and complications may arise, increasing the cost overall.

Closing Note 

Getting veneers with gum disease is not advised; first, eliminate the bacterial presence and strengthen teeth’ structure, then go for cosmetic routes for an aesthetically pleasing smile. You can contact our specialist, Dr. Ram Nallapaneni, DDS, from the University of Illinois, Chicago, a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), at Riverside Family Dental for help and treatments we have to offer you. Give us a call at (586) 468-0983 to schedule an appointment.

Dr Nallapaneni

Dr. Nallapaneni

Dr. Nallapaneni, a Clinton Township dentist, prioritizes skilled, compassionate care. With a DDS from the University of Illinois at Chicago, he's committed to ongoing education, staying updated with advancements in dentistry for personalized patient treatment. He is actively involved with the Macomb Dental Society, Michigan Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, and American Dental Association.

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