Invisalign® in Mount Clemens, MI

While having straight teeth is aesthetically pleasing, the treatment process used to achieve them can negatively impact a person’s appearance. At Riverside Family Dental, we provide Invisalign® so those in Mount Clemens, Chesterfield, Harrison Township, and Clinton can discreetly improve the positions of their teeth. Drs. Ramakrishna Nallapaneni and Steve Unger work with patients to devise a treatment plan that works best for them, helping them reach their dental goals with minimal hindrance on their daily lives.

If you are searching for a dental practice that provides a solution for misalignment without compromising your aesthetic, look no further than our office! Our team of dental professionals has a keen eye for improving their patients’ smile in the most visually appealing and least invasive way possible.

Invisalign Clear Aligners in Mount Clemens

When you walk through our practice doors wishing to achieve a well-aligned smile without affecting your appearance, we point you in the direction of Invisalign clear braces. To obtain these discreet translucent aligners, one of our dentists must first perform a comprehensive examination of your smile. This is to ensure you are an eligible candidate for the dental service and will receive all the benefits this orthodontic system has to offer.

You are able to see the improvements that Invisalign clear trays make to you smile throughout the process, as one of our dentists show you the progress your teeth will make during treatment. Those with mild to moderate malocclusion such as gapped, crooked, or crowded teeth are ideal for Invisalign clear braces. If you are a suitable receiver for the invisible trays, our dentists then take digital images of your dental anatomy to send to the Invisalign lab. This is where they craft you personalized trays and deliver them back to our Mount Clemens practice.

One of our dental professionals then educates you on how to properly take care of your appliances and the maintenance required for them to remain in their best condition. You must wear your Invisalign clear aligners for 22 hours a day and rinse your trays during your daily oral hygiene routine. It is also important to remember to wash your mouth out with water before reinserting the trays after eating.

Other than being unnoticeable by others, another major advantage of Invisalign clear braces is that they are removable. This means you do not have to worry about damaging your trays and may enjoy your favorite foods, even if they are hard or sticky.

Align Your Smile!

If you would like to know more about Invisalign clear aligners, contact Riverside Family Dental today! Our Mount Clemens dental team is committed to the well-being and aesthetic of your smile. Drs. Ramakrishna Nallapaneni and Steve Unger do everything they can to bring you to your dream smile while exceeding your expectations with exceptional care. 

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