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Dental Bonding in Clinton Township, MI

If you are unhappy with your smile because of a chipped front tooth, gaps between your teeth, or other aesthetic flaws, don't worry - Dr. Ram Nallapaneni and his team have the perfect solution for you! At Riverside Family Dental, we offer dental bonding in Clinton Township, MI, to enhance your smile's appearance. It is a simple and affordable cosmetic procedure that can transform your smile in less than an hour! Our dentists use a tooth-colored resin material to conceal dental imperfections, giving you the attractive grin you desire. For more cosmetic dentistry procedures, visit our dental clinic or book an appointment today.

Dental Bonding

How Does Dental Bonding Work in Clinton Township, MI?

Dental bonding is an easy, conservative technique that our Clinton Township, MI, dentists use to improve your smile's appearance within a single visit. During your initial consultation, we will first perform an oral exam and determine the best treatment plan for you. It is a great option for fixing minor cosmetic dental issues, such as chips, gaps, or stains.

The procedure is quick and comfortable, and you may not even need anesthesia. We will start by picking a composite resin color that perfectly matches the shade of your natural teeth. Then, we will apply an acidic solution to the teeth to prepare them for bonding with the resin material.

After rinsing and drying the prepped surfaces, our dentists will apply the resin and shape it to match the natural shape of your teeth. We will use a special ultraviolet light to harden the resin. Finally, we will polish the bonded teeth to give your smile a glossy finish.

Why Choose Dental Bonding At Riverside Family Dental?

Our cosmetic dental experts can dramatically transform the look of your smile with dental bonding in Clinton Township, MI. It offers many benefits, which include:

  • Corrects dental flaws: Dental bonding can correct many cosmetic problems, such as chips, cracks, gaps, stains, or misshapen teeth.
  • Fast and easy: You don't have to wait for weeks or months to get your smile makeover. It can be done within a single visit.
  • Affordable: This treatment is more cost-effective than other alternatives. You can get a stunning smile without breaking the bank.
  • Preserves teeth: Since it does not require enamel removal, your teeth will remain strong and healthy. It also reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity.
  • Biocompatible: The resin material is safe and gentle on your oral tissues and does not cause gum irritation.

How Can We Assist You In Maintaining The Results of Dental Bonding?

After completing the dental bonding procedure, our Clinton Township, MI, dentists will provide an oral care regime to help you maintain the beauty of your smile. Some general care tips include:

  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly to prevent plaque and tartar accumulation.
  • Stay away from heavily pigmented products such as coffee, red wine, etc., as they can stain your bonded teeth.
  • If you have a teeth-grinding or clenching habit, get a night guard to protect your dental work.
  • Do not bite on hard objects with your bonded teeth, such as pens, pencils, or bottle caps.
  • Visit us regularly for dental checkups and cleanings to keep your smile bright and healthy.

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If you are looking for an easy and quick way to enhance your smile, we can help you achieve your cosmetic goals with dental bonding in Clinton Township, MI. Book a consultation with our dentists by calling us at (586) 468-0983 .

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