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Dentures in Clinton Township, MI

Are you struggling to smile or enjoy your favorite foods due to missing teeth? Don't worry - we can help! At our dental practice, we offer customized dentures in Clinton Township, MI, that can restore your smile and confidence. Dr. Ram Nallapaneni and his team use cutting-edge technology to design dentures that look and feel natural. With our help, you can have a vibrant smile in no time!

Whether you need a partial, full, or implant-supported denture, we can assist you in finding the best option that fits your oral needs and budget. Visit Riverside Family Dental or call us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentists.


What Types Of Dentures Do We Offer In Clinton Township, MI?

At our Clinton Township, MI, practice, we have a range of dentures to replace missing teeth. Depending on how many teeth you have lost and where they are located, we'll recommend one among the following types:

  • Partial dentures: These are ideal for you if you still have some natural teeth remaining in the same arch. Partial dentures comprise artificial teeth that are connected to an acrylic plate, which fits snugly around your existing teeth and provides support.
  • Complete dentures: Our experts recommend these if you have no natural teeth left in the upper or lower jaw. Complete or full dentures are made of an acrylic plate that covers your gums and holds the artificial teeth in place. We can also add a metal framework to the plate for more support and retention.
  • Implant-supported dentures: These are the most stable and durable option for replacing missing teeth. They are anchored by dental implants that are surgically placed into your jawbone. Implant-supported dentures are fixed and offer better comfort while eating and speaking.

What Are The Advantages Of Our Custom-Fit Dentures?

If you are suffering from the loss of natural teeth, our Clinton Township, MI, dentist can replace them with natural-looking dentures. Their several benefits include:

  • They help you eat and chew better by filling the gaps left by missing teeth.
  • They fill the missing spaces and match your natural teeth to make your smile more beautiful.
  • They provide the necessary support for your facial muscles to maintain their shape.
  • They also prevent your natural teeth from drifting or causing bite disturbance.
  • You can easily clean them every day to keep them effective for a long time.

How To Get Dentures At Our Dental Practice?

Getting dentures at our Clinton Township, MI, practice is easy and convenient, as it only takes two visits. During your first appointment, our dentists will examine your gums, remaining teeth, and jawbone. We will then take impressions of your jaws to record your natural bite. Our team will send these impressions to a dental lab where skilled technicians will design a customized denture according to the desired specifications.

When your denture is ready, we will schedule a second visit. At this time, we will test the denture in your mouth to ensure it fits well and does not irritate your gums. We will also check the retention of the denture and see if it stays in place. Once it is secure, our team will provide instructions to use and clean it on a regular basis.

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Ready to restore your oral health and smile? If you want personalized dentures in Clinton Township, MI, call us today at (586) 468-0983 to schedule an appointment.

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At Riverside Family Dental, our mission is to help residents of Clinton Township, Mount Clemens, Chesterfield, Harrison Township, and Roosevelt attain their ideal smiles. We do this with a gentle touch and a friendly, patient-centered approach to dentistry. Our team of dentist in Clinton Township, MI, is dedicated to not only meeting your dental needs but also going above and beyond to surpass your expectations. Your dream smile is our goal.
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