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Oral Cancer Screening in Clinton Township, MI

Oral cancer is a lethal condition that affects thousands of people every year. Many people are not aware of its presence until it reaches a severe form. That's why we offer routine oral cancer screening in Clinton Township, MI, to diagnose this disease at an early stage. Our expert dentist, Dr. Ram, and his team will thoroughly examine and screen your oral cavity using the most advanced dental technology.

We will assess your mouth and the surrounding regions for any abnormal changes or lesions that could indicate oral cancer. Early detection is the key to successful treatment of this disease. Don't wait until it's too late. Schedule your appointment at Riverside Family Dental today and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Oral Cancer Screening

Risk Factors We Look at in Oral Cancer Screening in Clinton Township

Oral cancer is a serious disease that can affect different parts of your mouth, such as lips, palate, gums, tongue, and other regions. Some of the factors that can increase the risk of this disease are:

  • Frequent smoking or tobacco use: It is the most common risk factor for oral cancer, as it exposes the mouth to harmful chemicals and irritants that can damage the DNA.
  • Heavy alcohol intake: Chronic alcohol consumption can put you at a high risk for this disease, especially when combined with smoking.
  • History of oral cancer: Having a positive family history of this disease can increase the risk of genetic predisposition.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight: UV rays from sunlight can damage the DNA of the cells and cause mutations.
  • Compromised immunity: A weakened immune system can be caused by certain medications, illnesses, or treatments, making you more susceptible to this disease.

What Signs Indicate The Need For Oral Cancer Screening in Clinton Township, MI?

The early signs of oral cancer are often not noticeable as they develop discreetly. You may notice a few abnormal changes in your mouth with a lack of an apparent cause. Some of them include:

  • Unusual lumps, bumps, or nodules on the lips or inside the mouth
  • Sores that don't heal within two weeks
  • Red or white patches or lesions in the mouth
  • Abnormal bleeding from the gums or other soft tissues
  • Loss of feeling or numbness in any part of the mouth
  • Teeth that shift or become loose for no reason
  • Trouble with eating, speaking, or swallowing food
  • Noticeable voice changes

If you have any of these warning signs, you should schedule an oral cancer screening at our Clinton Township, MI, practice as soon as possible.

What To Expect From An Oral Cancer Screening At Riverside Family Dental?

To start the process of oral cancer screening in Clinton Township, MI, we will first acquire your dental and medical history to identify any risk factors. Following this, our dentists will visually inspect your oral cavity and the surrounding areas using dental instruments. We will check for any abnormal growths or lesions inside your mouth or on your face and neck regions.

To be on the safe side, we will also examine the back of your mouth and throat for any unusual sores or lesions. Sometimes, these changes are not visible to the naked eye. For this reason, our dentists will also gently palpate around your lips, gums, and soft tissues to detect suspicious lumps or nodules. If we find any warning signs, we will perform other diagnostic tests, such as biopsy, to confirm the diagnosis.

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If you or a family member have been experiencing abnormal changes in their mouth, it is time to schedule an oral cancer screening in Clinton Township, MI. If you have any questions regarding the process or want to book an appointment, call us at (586) 468-0983 .

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