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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Clinton Township, MI

Wisdom teeth can be a source of trouble for many people. They often appear late or remaintrapped in the jawbone, leading to pain and infection. If you are looking for a safe andcomfortable way to get rid of your wisdom teeth, look no further than Riverside Family Dental.We offer safe and comfortable wisdom tooth extraction in Clinton Township, MI, to maintain youroverall oral health. Our experienced dentists, Dr. Ram Nallapaneni, and his team, utilize advanced sedationoptions to make the procedure as pain-free as possible. If you are facing difficulties with yourwisdom teeth, contact us today for a consultation and get the best care for your oral well-being.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Reasons For Getting Wisdom Tooth Extraction in ClintonTownship, MI

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last to erupt in your mouth. They usually come betweenthe ages of 18 and 21. By this time, your jaws may not have enough space for the propereruption of these teeth, and they may remain impacted beneath the gums. It can cause severalissues, such as:

  • Pain in the back of the mouth: You may feel pain and discomfort in your jaw or mouthif your wisdom teeth are impacted.
  • Trouble in eating food: Impacted wisdom teeth may make it difficult for you to eat,chew, or swallow food.
  • Gum infection: A partially impacted wisdom tooth may have a flap of gum tissue over it.This can trap food and bacteria, causing inflammation or infection of the gum.
  • Crowding of other teeth: If you have a small jaw, your wisdom teeth may push yourother teeth out of alignment, causing crowding or crookedness.
  • Damage to adjacent teeth: An impacted wisdom tooth may decay or infect the adjacenttooth, affecting its health and stability.

To prevent these complications, our Clinton Township, MI, dentists advise wisdom toothextraction to preserve the health of your other teeth and gums.

What Approach Do Our Dentists Use For Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

For the safe removal of your wisdom teeth, you should schedule a consultation at our ClintonTownship, MI practice. Our dentists will first take dental X-rays to evaluate the shape, location,and angulation of your wisdom teeth. Based on these findings, we will decide the best methodto remove your wisdom teeth.

If they are visible, we will perform a simple extraction, which is easier and has a quick recovery. But if your wisdom teeth are impacted, our team will perform a surgical extraction. In this case,we will incise the gums and remove a small part of the bone to reach the tooth. After its saferemoval, we will stitch the wound with sutures.Surgical extractions may require 3 to 4 weeks forfull recovery.

Whether you get a simple or surgical extraction, our dental experts will provide completeaftercare instructions to help you achieve a smooth healing period. If you experience anycomplications, you can immediately contact our team or visit our clinic for prompt care.

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