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Dental Implants in Clinton Township, MI

Are you suffering from the loss of one or more natural teeth? If so, then you may consider permanent tooth replacements to restore your oral health. At Riverside Family Dental, Dr. Ram Nallapaneni and his team offer dental implants in Clinton Township, MI, as a long-term solution for missing teeth. Compared to other alternative treatments, dental implants remain secured in your jawbone, allowing you to relish your favorite foods without any worries. Our skilled dental professional designs them such that they blend in smoothly with the rest of your teeth, giving a natural look and feel to your smile. If you are considering permanent tooth replacement with implants, contact our practice today to schedule an appointment.

Dental Implants

Understanding Dental Implants

Implants are artificial teeth that replace the root and crown of your natural teeth. Unlike other restorations like bridges and dentures that lie on the gum surface, they are anchored within the jawbone. This provides them extra stability and makes them a much safer option for long-term tooth replacement.

A conventional dental implant comprises three components: metal post, abutment, and dental crown. The metal post mimics the root of a natural tooth and is surgically inserted in the jawbone. Once it merges with the surrounding bone, our dentists place an abutment, the connecting link between the implant post and dental crown. Finally, we cover it with a custom-fit crown that resembles the shape and color of your natural teeth.

Our qualified professionals will form a personalized plan to restore your teeth with dental implants, depending on the condition of your jawbone and the number of teeth missing in Clinton Township, MI.

Types of Dental Implants We Offer Clinton Township, MI

We offer a wide range of implants to permanently replace missing or severely damaged teeth. The common types of dental implants at our Clinton Township, MI, practice include:

  • Single tooth implants: If you have lost one of your natural teeth in the upper or lower arch, we can replace it using a single dental implant. The final restoration that goes over a simple implant is a dental crown that resembles the rest of your teeth.
  • Multiple tooth implants: If you have lost a few or more teeth in either of your arches, you may require multiple tooth implants to replace them. For consecutive tooth loss in a row, we can replace them using an implant-supported bridge.
  • All-on-4 implants: Patients who have lost an entire arch of upper or lower teeth can get permanent arch replacement with All-on-4 implants. Using 4 implant posts as anchors, we can create a customized denture that restores your oral functions and appearance.

How Can We Assist You in Taking Care of Dental Implants

Implants require the same level of care as your natural teeth. Even though they are prosthetic devices that do not decay, there is still a risk of infection in the surrounding tissues that may lead to implant failure. Our Clinton Township, MI, dentists will provide care guidelines at every step of the procedure to ensure that your dental implants remain fully functioning for many years. By maintaining good oral hygiene and caring for your artificial teeth, you can enjoy their benefits for a lifetime.

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Don't let tooth loss ruin the beauty of your smile. To get fixed tooth replacement with dental implants in Clinton Township, MI, schedule an appointment at our dental practice today. You can call us at (586) 468-0983 to get in touch with our implant dentist.

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At Riverside Family Dental, our mission is to help residents of Clinton Township, Mount Clemens, Chesterfield, Harrison Township, and Roosevelt attain their ideal smiles. We do this with a gentle touch and a friendly, patient-centered approach to dentistry. Our team of dentist in Clinton Township, MI, is dedicated to not only meeting your dental needs but also going above and beyond to surpass your expectations. Your dream smile is our goal.
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